“Eight years ago my mom passed away. It changed my life and not in a good way. I suddenly felt angst and stress as I never had before. As a result, I closed my practice and went to work for someone else for the first time in years.

My friend works for BNW Health and she took me shopping at the Dispensary on Craig Road. While there, we spoke with the manager and he explained that he had CBD drops that would help with sleep and anxiety. My friend purchased a bottle of Full Spectrum Chocolate Mint CBD Extract for herself. That evening we each took a ¼ dropper full of the CBD oil.

Ten minutes later my life changed. And not a little. I realized that for the last 8 years my anxiety was through the roof and for the first time since Mom passed my angst was completely gone. I sat on the couch and felt lighter, like you do when you finally get out of a bad relationship. It was a physical sensation of my mind quieting down and I felt like I did before my mom passed away. I felt whole, not fractured, CALM!

I took less than the recommended dosage and my experience was life altering. I honestly never thought I would feel like that again in this lifetime. Eight years is a long time to be on edge. Now I take ¼ dropper (which is ¼ dose) in the morning and one at bedtime. I feel like me again.

My career has taken me down a path where my main focus is helping people with migraines. I will definitely be adding BNW Health products into my patient’s treatment protocols. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to have experienced the results of this cannabinoid oil.

For me, the take-away is simple. An all-natural product, with no adverse side-effects, that actually does as the label states is worth every penny. Thank you, BNW Health for offering a product that goes above and beyond its intended use. Thank you for letting me once again just be ME.”

Brenda L. Hilby, C.P.
Owner of NeuroCranial Migraine Relief

Like so many of us, Mrs. Swafford has struggled with joint pain. It can be a problem at any point in our lives, but especially after 40. Topical ointments are great if they work, but Gladys hadn’t found anything that she was particularly pleased with. Furthermore, she prefers natural products and over-the-counter options rarely are.

Following her initial consultation, Gladys began taking a couple of BNW Health CBD Tincture drops in the morning and evening. Her joint paint immediately began to subside. Additionally, she felt she had a calmer, more content feeling throughout the day.

Now, Mrs. Swafford has tried numerous BNW Health products in the store and gushed, “BNW Health products are great. Of all the products I’ve tried thus far, I’ve found nothing to complain about. That’s why I keep coming back!”

Gladys Swafford