CBD Infused Gummy Drops

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Get your daily dose of CBD in the fun form of a gummy! Unlike other CBD gummies available that are simply sprayed with CBD, ours are infused-meaning you get exactly 10mg of CBD in every gummy you eat. Additionally, our gummies are made using Kangen Water™ - an Alkaline water used in Japanese hospitals and agriculture for decades. Because our CBD oil comes from organic hemp plants, it does NOT cause psychoactive effects commonly associated with THC. In fact, our organic gummies contain ZERO THC, and are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Try our AM gummies featuring a caffeine blend to give you an added boost of energy throughout your day, or our PM gummies blended with melatonin to improve the quality of your sleep. Our regular gummies deliver all the benefits of CBD with no other additives. Get your gummies today!

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